Free Forex Signals Vs. Paid Signals

Money is always involved whenever it comes to trading forex online! Any wrong estimate or prediction can make a trader lose money, and traders can generate a reasonable return on their investment when they follow the perfect forex trading signals. You cannot compare this with saving with a bank!

Making money from forex requires you to understand when the time is right to sell and buy currencies. Otherwise, you will base your trading on hope and wait for few assets to rise or fall. You need help if you want to hit it big or when you are thinking about quitting.

At this point, you need the aid of forex signals providers. Continue reading this piece and you will understand how signals providers are available to help you succeed in your online trading business. In addition, you will learn about which one to select between free trading signals and paid forex signals.

What are forex signals?

Before getting into details, we need to know the definition of a forex signal. In simple terms, forex signals are trading notification alerts for investors to trade on the currency exchange market. For every trader, it is possible for you to get signals from professional signal providers who offer paid services or from free service providers that post the trading signals on their websites. Traders can get these trading signals for free from their providers or with monthly or yearly premium subscription. We have several signal providers, and this makes it difficult to know which one you should trust. You will also not know which of them is providing the right signals except you have good knowledge of the Forex market.

Forex signals are advantageous to traders because it helps provide the careful recommended trading details that your signal providers are dealing with in reality. Your signal providers will let you know when the time is right to sell or buy from the main forex market, the perfect exit route you can take, like when to stop losing money and when to take the available profit. It is very important to either shut down the trading process if you are losing or you can take profit at a certain level. This will make it possible for you to make the right decisions by trying new strategies from other traders. The use of forex trading signals by traders from their trading signals providers will help them boost their chances of winning without much effort. This is why you should choose providers that have a good track record.

All signal providers (whether free or paid signals) have different ways they notify their subscribers about the trade they are providing. Many of these common forms include the use of SMS, online alerts, trackers, and emails. While many of these providers are offering these for free, others will give you some free trading alerts and you’ll have to pay to get the rest. Their subscription will provide you access to their fine print. We have different reasoning levels at the back of the trading signals.

Although some of these signals providers provide easy-to-understand processes such as Gorilla Forex Signals providers which will provide trading signals for investors to execute. Once you enter a trade, it shows you trust such a provider offering the trading signals. This is why you must choose a signal provider that provides trades and justify it with usable reasoning. It is always advisable to get trading signals from signals providers who have logical reasoning with a strong strategy behind every trade they give out.

Please always note that a trader’s ability to use the trading signal efficiently depends on the effectiveness of the package provided by his or her signal provider. Traders must trade their signals as fast as possible and perform the provided points in the signal they received. Check out our trading signal platform for more information.


How do trading signals work?

Trading signals work in various ways, and the way you choose depends on various factors like your risk profile, goals, time to spend, and your activeness during the trading process. Also, your actions depend on the type of trading signal you have received from your signals providers that you are using. Some providers are offering the signal types listed below:

Trade copying – This is a simpler method that involves linking your account to that of your signal provider. This way, when trading signals show, they will be automatically helping you perform your trading without your actions. You have nothing to do than to sit down and watch how the market trading is moving.

Self-directed – This is a situation whereby you are running your account by yourself and use these signals you get from your signal provider by following simple instructions. Once you get the trading signal and instructions from your provider, all you can do is to log into your online trading account. You need to enter everything in relation to the specified conditions.

Managed forex account – Not all trading signals are the same and managed forex account is not an exception. Your signal provider will now be responsible for your account management. They will trade those signals on your account, and you either pay them some parts from the profit or you give them a salary.

Common Types of Trading Signals You Must Know

There are various ways through which signal providers are sending their trading signals to their subscribers, and it is highly recommended that you understand the meaning of each signal. Below are some of the four standard trading signals that you should know as a trader.

Take Profit – This signal is the opposite of the Stop Loss signal. When automated, trading stops when the trader reaches a particular profit.

Action” – Action is an open, call-to-action style trading signal. This signal shows the direct sell and buys statement to traders.

Stop Loss – This is an exit point that helps to protect the investments of traders. This signal is controlled by a pre-set price, which will stop trading before a trader loses more money.

Current Market Price – This is not a call-to-action signal but a statement of info to traders. It helps a trader to check the current price of one currency pair and compare it with the one he or she is trading during the time of making and sending the order. This way, traders will know what to expect from the market.

Free Providers vs. Paid Providers

What differentiates signals providers from one another is whether money is involved in receiving the signals or not. Although there are free signal providers but are they providing right working signals like the paid signal providers? Well, the answer to this question is complicated.

Not all free signals are wrong and few of free signals provider are expert traders. They may have the spirit of providing help to several other traders and make these traders successful. These people feel indebted because they were also helped by someone during their time but they are uncommon to find.

If you are interested in paid signals, there are free trials from some of the signal providers which will enable you to see whether you will be okay with their signals. During this time, you will know whether they have trading styles that will match your own.

Although some providers offer free trials, many others provide free signals for some time before charging fees. They give you room to try their services and boost your interest in their signals.

Many professional traders will give out their trading signals to people for a small fee. However, paid providers are likely to give you excellent forex trading signals or offer you useless ones. Whether you are receiving paid or free signals from providers, you must ensure that you are getting your signals from trusted signals providers.


Before thinking about getting free or paid signals from providers, you must have basic knowledge about forex. Every trader must learn about forex for easy interpretation of the signals received by your signal provider. Conversely, these signals are not useful if you cannot comprehend and interpret these signals. For different coding of signals, you can ask for a sample manual that will show you how to use it for your trading.

Although you cannot get 100% profit from the use of trading signals, it is possible to make maximum profit from it. However, you are advised to trade wisely and not put all your funds in one trading at a time. For smooth trading, you must consider your trading abilities, trading style, and your trading priorities. With the above information, you now know which one to go for between these two popular trading signals (free and paid signals).

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