Gorilla Copy Trade:

Subscribing to our Copy Trade service requires you to have a particular set-up before we can activate your Subscription to Copy Trade.

Please read all the information below:

Our Copy Trade service means you never miss a trade our team conclude to trade. All Forex Signals posted in our VIP Group on Telegram are executed instantly on your trading account automatically. Including any updates we make to stop loss and take profit entry positions.

Our Copy Trade service is an excellent option for those who do not have time to trade or act on every signal.

If you feel Copy Trade is not for you or prefer to trade  manually then please Join to our Free Group or Subscribe to our VIP Group on Telegram

How Does it Work?

1. Make sure you are using a True ECN Broker:

You need to mirror the set-up of our ‘Master Copy Trade’ account as closely as possible.  This begins with using a true ECN broker that offers the lowest possible spreads.  Our team use and recommend icmarkets.

2. Your MT4 account must be on 24 hours:

Your MT4 account must be open and running 24 hours. This step is absolutely crucial otherwise your MT4 account will not receive any signals or signal updates and will not trade.  It is your responsibility to make sure MT4 is open and running at all times.

3. Rent Virtual Hosting on Meta Trader 4:

Continuing  on from Step 2. We highly recommend you to rent virtual hosting for MT4. The virtual hosting provides round-the-clock operation for your MT4 account and allows trades to be executed at any time with minimum delay. read more

4. Copy Trade Installation:

After you set-up your ECN broker and MT4 virtual hosting you can now install our ‘Copy Trade’ software on your MT4 client.  All signals we trade and post in our VIP Group on Telegram will execute instantly on your trading account automatically.  Including any updates we make to stop loss and take profit entry positions.

5. Risk Management:

All Forex Signals are carefully calculated for entry, stop loss and take profit levels for both our Free and VIP Groups on Telegram.  This also includes our ‘Copy Trade’ service.  The team take Risk Management seriously.

The only option on our ‘Copy Trade’ software you will need to select is the ‘Lot Size’ you want to use for ‘Copy Trade’.

You will know the best ‘Lot Size’ to use from the balance you hold with your broker.  We highly recommend a 0.1 ‘Lot Size’ for every £2,000 in balance.  

6. Advise and Warning:

Copy Trade is a service that requires your strict and full co-operation, understanding and responsibility.  Please take heed to the following advise and warnings:

a) DO NOT use your ‘Copy Trade’ MT4 account to make your own trades.  It is best you open a separate MT4 account with your broker to make your own trades.

b) DO NOT run any EA, Indicators, or any other type of software on your ‘Copy Trade’ MT4 account. You should use a separate MT4 account with your broker for any other trading activity.

c) DO NOT copy other signal providers on your ‘Copy Trade’ MT4 account and DO NOT use your ‘Copy Trade’ MT4 account as a signal provider.  The ‘Copy Trade’ software will detect any interference and will automatically stop receiving signals.

c) DO NOT use a ‘Lot Size’ greater than 0.1 for every £2,000 you hold in balance with your broker.  This however is entirely your choice.

If you need further clarification or help setting up our ‘Copy Trade’ please send us an email.  Also check out our FAQ

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