Gorilla Copy Trade:

Subscribing to our Copy Trade service requires you to have a particular set-up before we can activate your Subscription to Copy Trade.

Please read all the information below:

Our Copy Trade service means you never miss a trade our team conclude to trade. All Forex Trades are executed instantly on your trading account automatically, on the server end so whether your computer or MT4 software is closed our trades are still copied to your trading account.

Our Copy Trade service is an excellent option for those who do not have time to trade or want to be consistently profitable.

You can use your demo trading account to connect to our copy trade service, This is recommended until you understand exactly how our trade copy service works.

How Does it Work?

1. Click the link below and view our signal:


2. On the next page click the green “Follow Signal” button

You must register it is 100% free and we do not ask for any card or payment information.

3. Check your email for the verification link

You will receive an email after signing up and must click the verification link to activate your account.

4. Log in to your account and click the green “Follow Signal” button again.


5. Click the “configuration” icon in your account and add your trading account.


6. Click the “trade copier” icon and select “ON” for copier mode.

Here you can also make other adjustments.

Our trades will now be copied on your trading account in real-time instantly. The copier works on the server-side 24/7.

You have a 4-week free trial. Enjoy and watch your account grow.

If you need any help contact – [email protected]

If you need further clarification or help setting up our ‘Copy Trade’ please send us an email.¬† Also check out our FAQ

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